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Whenever companies have to close down a Manufacturing Plant, CBI is their partner of choice. CBI is the European leader for Private Treaty Sales and Auction Sales of Industrial Assets. Our skills and asset expertise help us to maximize the value of those assets. CBI’s management has over 40 years experience in the Industrial Asset Market, having sold the equipment from closed down factories in Europe, the USA, Australia and Asia.


We evaluate the assets to be sold and after recognizing its potential, we will draft appropriate marketing plans, considering all possibilities, including sale of the complete production facility, sale of complete production lines, sale of individual items or a combination of these methods. Our team has sold many complete production facilities to Asia, the Middle East and South America and has a wealth of experience negotiating complex transactions on an international basis. What really sets us apart is our understanding and knowledge of appropriate asset removal and plant closure procedures, health and safety requirements and the true costs that accompany these asset removals.


CBI’s sales team keeps in close contact with buyers all over the world, with a  small sales team in China, a sister company in Korea Seokyung Engineering Co,.Ltd and DSK Machinery,a re-engineering company and together with our agents in the most important markets, we do cover the world market. CBI has sold the assets for many well-known companies, like ABB, Alstom, Babcock, Bedford Trucks, J.I. Case, Corus (Tata), John Deere, Demag, Ericsson, Ford, General Motors, KME, Kvaerner, Mannesmann, Outokumpu, Rolls Royce, Rieter, Siemens, Stork, Sulzer.


May 2013- CBI and Hilco Industrial create an Industrial Asset Management and Disposition Partnership in Europe. [MORE INFO] 




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