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Our Approach

CBI will start with an inspection to value the assets and after considering all facts, options and your needs, we present you with a detailed proposal. The proposal will include values, marketing strategy, budgets, time lines and will address the removal procedures.


Although our team is very knowledgeable and has excellent contacts to buyers and agents worldwide we can only achieve top recovery values by implementing a professional marketing plan to include Set-up of a dedicated Micro-Site; E-Mail Campaigns and Search Engine Optimization using the “right” keywords; mailing Brochures to targeted industry-groups from our own database and rented lists, advertize in the right trade-magazines. And the personal touch by contacting previous buyers and those companies from whom we do have a matching enquiry on file and those potential buyers, who show interest in the assets by getting the answers to their technical questions and or quotations for removal and negotiating a sale.


Our Site-Manager and his staff will inventory, prepare the Assets for sale and supervise the final removal, observing the Health & Safety Procedures and the  Environmental Regulations.

We have experience with and knowledge of the appropriate asset removal and plant closure procedures and understand the critical issues like environment, safety, time, etc. When we are finished we leave behind swept floors and tidy buildings.



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