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Machine and Fabricating

  • Machining (material removing) of Steel-, Iron- and  Non-Ferrous Material to components, small components used in the watch or computer industry to very large components used in the energy- and mining industry.
  • Fabrication (material forming) of light gauge sheet-metal to fabrications of large parts for the    energy and mining industry.

Management at CBI started in this industry in 1970 when it purchased and resold the machines which became available due to the reorganization of the  United Machinery Works (VMF) in the Netherlands, manufacturers of  steam- and gas turbines, marine diesel engines, trains and locomotives. Our experience in this industry is enormous, we have liquidated factories of many well known companies all over Europe, the USA and some in Asia.


To name a few:

ABB, ADM, Alstom, Babcock, Bentley, Bertrams, Boley & Leinen, British Shipbuilders, Clark, Cooper,  Demag ,Dorr Oliver,  Dubied, Excel, Fogautolube, Gebr. Frech, GMF,  Grove, Hubner Gray, John Brown, Krantz, Kromhout, Kvaerner, Liesbosch, Mondiale, Mannesmann, Muller Martini,Noordned, National Coalboard, NDSM, Palm, PRB, Rolls Royce, RDM,  Schaublin, Schmutz, Siemens, Stork, Suckermuller, Strachan, Sulzer,  Teesside Bridge, Vickers, VMF, Werkspoor, Wiener Brückenbau.


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