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Although our team is very knowledgeable and has excellent contacts to buyers and agents worldwide we can only achieve top recovery values by implementing a professional marketing plan to include Set-up of a dedicated Micro-Site; E-Mail Campaigns and Search Engine Optimization using the “right” keywords; mailing Brochures to targeted industry-groups from our own database and rented lists, advertize in the right trade-magazines. And the personal touch by our own sales-teams in the Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, China, and Korea, contacting previous buyers. As well as and those companies from whom we do have a matching enquiry on file and potential buyers, who show interest in the assets by getting the answers to their technical questions and or quotations for removal and negotiating a sale.


We do have a large Date Base with enquiries for all kind of Production Lines needed by our customers; we check if the Lines for sale match the enquiries and if they do, we invite the customer to come and inspect and try to negotiate a fruitful transaction.


Phone:+31 20 470 0989 - Fax:+31 20 470 2084


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