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Examples of some Transactions

  • 2012 Ford Transmission Plant Bordeaux-France; 80% of the 100.000 M² + Manufacturing Facility had to cleared ; We sold  200 Machines in two Auctions to buyers from Asia, the USA and Europe and removed over 7.000 Ton of Waste, Scrap etc. within a period of 11 months., while Ford installed new Machinery to produce  a new 6-Speed Automatic Transmission.
  • 2012 The Bankruptcy Estate sold us the Machinery & Equipment of Camito Technology Center,  a very modern Grey Iron Foundry, located in the South of Sweden; we organized an Online Auction Sale and sold everything to foundries from Europe, Turkey, Morocco and India. After 6 Months we returned the vacant Land & Buildings back to the Bankruptcy Estate.
  • 2012 CBI purchased the Assets of Xenterio, a bankrupt EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) provider in Offenburg, Germany; we organized two Online Auction Sales and sold over 2.000 lots to buyers from 30 different countries all over the world. After 4 months we returned the vacant and cleaned-up buildings to the Landlord.
  • 2010-2011 CBI acquired the Machinery & Equipment of  ThyssenKrupp Mavilor, a Crankshaft Manufacturing Plant (for larger diesel engines) in L’Horme near St. Etienne in France and sold a very large package to a Crankshaft Manufacturer in India; by installing these machines they are now able to manufacture crankshafts for larger diesel engines, used in trucks and off-road vehicles. The rest of the machines were sold to European and other Asian crankshaft producers.

  • 2008-2009 CBI Purchased the Plant & Machinery from Draka Wire UK in South Wales (UK) , a Non-Ferrous Wire Manufacturing Plant, at that time still in operation. Total capacity 1400 tons/week. When production
    ceased in May 2009, CBI (Core Business Industries BV) had already made a number of sales and could start delivering the Rod Break Down Mills, Wire Drawing and Bunching Lines to clients in India, Turkey, Korea,
    Germany and Belgium; the major items were sold in one big package to a client in Morocco.
  • 2005 -2008 CBI purchased the assets of LBP (formerly known as UCA) in Liege, Belgium 70'000sq/M; Major Foundry, with a capacity of 80'000Ton/Year and complete Rolling Mill and Finishing Shop for Copper and its Alloys. The used Equipment was sold to customers in France, Thailand, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, Italy, and India. It took a little over two years to market, sell, dismantle and remove all items from site.
  • 2005-2007 CBI Purchased all of the assets from "Europa Metalli", Campo Tizzoro Italy. A Copper/Copper Alloy,-Strip Fabricating Plant with an annual output of 30.000 Tonnes with a 4-High Cold Rolling Mill, and a 3-Stand Tandem Mill, Slitting Lines, Floating Furnaces and Annealing Furnaces; all the Machinery & Equipment was sold to European, Chinese, Indian and South American users.
  • 2004-2006 Purchase from the Bankruptcy Estate of all assets at the INEXA PROFILE Works in Sweden. A Complete Meltshop and Rolling Mill for Rail and Heavy Profile, situated in 200'000 sq/M Buildings; we sold all equipment (25'000 Tonnes) and finished dismantling and shipment in 2006.The Works are now operating in the Middle East making heavy Profile and Rail.   

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