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Steel and Non-Ferrous

  • Melting & Rolling Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Copper.
  • Foundries (Cast Iron), Forges (Open Die & Hot Forges).
  • Rolling Mills (flat and long products), Tube & Pipe Mills, Wire Mills

We do have a lot of experience in this sector, here are some of the plants acquired and liquidated over the years.


Steel and Rolling Mills - CBI acquired a number of complete integrated mills upon closure by its parents and receiver:


MONTEFORNO in Switzerland from its parent, the Von Roll Group (1.000.000 tpy); INEXA PROFIL in Sweden from the receivers, OCEAN STATE STEEL in the USA from its parent von Moos Stahl. SANDERSON KAYSER England from its parent.


When CORUS reorganized their Mills, we sold the IJmuiden, Netherlands Long Products Mill (Meltshop and Rolling Mill)

The Tin Plate Mill, Cont. Electro Galvanising-, the Colour Coating-, Galvanising, Coiling and Pickling Lines and the Narrow Strip rolling Mill all in Wales as well as the Coil Plate Mill, Heavy Section & Univeral Beam Mill and the Meltshop, Billet Mill and Coiled Bar Mill all in England.


In the Czech Republic we liquidated the Narrow Gauge Stainless Steel Mill from KWW.


Foundries - CBI liquidated many foundries all over Europe; in Austria the Eurostahl Giesserei and Franz Oberascher, in Belgium Griffin, in Germany the John Deere Foundry, in the Netherlands the Werkspoor Foundry and Hekkens in Sweden Camito Foundry, in Switzerland Bulachguss and the Rieter Foundry and in the U.K. the Bonds and Parkfield foundries and in Melbourne Australia the GM Holden Foundries.


Forges - Our first experience in the Forging Industry was when VGS (Verenigde Grof Smederijen) closed their Open-Die Forging Plant in Amsterdam, we sold their 3.000 Ton Hydraulic Forging Press, less than 10 years old as well as all other a number of Water Hydraulic Forging Presses, Manipulators, big Car Bottom Furnaces, Forging Cranes etc. in the 1990’s we even operated a Hot Forging Plant with Presses from 1.200 to 3.000 Ton, when we acquired the assets of the bankrupt PRB Defense Company in Belgium, we decided to run the forging department, supplying parts to the “off-road” manufacturers, we sold the company to the Spanish GSB group in the late 90’s. We liquidated the Hot Forge of Wilhelm Geldbach and the bankrupt Dreisbacher Hammerwerke, which operated an Open Die Forging Plant in Germany.


Non Ferrous - CBI acquired LBP/UCA an integrated Copper Foundry and Strip Rolling Mill in Belgium from the liquidators, Europa Metalli (KME) a Strip Rolling Mill in Italy, Outokumpu HME a Copper Tube Plant in the Netherlands, the Selve Copper Foundry and Strip Rolling Mill from Swissmetal, the Copper Wire Mill from Draka in the UK.


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